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About Treatly Luxury Lingerie Subscriptions

Welcome to Treatly (formerly The Goddess Project)! Founded in 2013, we are a small but mighty British brand that has a passion for making it easy to get beautiful, flattering, comfortable and high quality lingerie, helping our customers feel like the goddesses they are. Lingerie makes the most wonderful romantic gift but it can be difficult for partners, particularly men for whom selecting these types of products can be a little daunting, to purchase. So in 2016 we created the UKs first Lingerie Subscription designed to make it effortless to gift gorgeous lingerie treats to make women feel sexy and special. We are obsessed with carefully curating items that look incredible but are also great quality and comfortable so they can be worn everyday.

There were two things that really surprised us after we started selling our subscription boxes. Firstly, we were thrilled to see how much of an impact our product was having not just on our Goddesses, but on the quality of our their relationships. Those gifting the boxes told us they loved the simplicity of signing up, knowing that every month she would be treated to something special arriving that she would love and that would be a surprise for both of them! Some of our customers even include the box as part of a monthly date night where they cook a romantic meal for their partner and have the box waiting at her place setting to open. How romantic is that!

Secondly, we were surprised to find that a lot of women were buying the subscriptions for themselves and extending their subscriptions again and again. What they told us was that they too struggled to find great underwear that fits, flatters and looks fabulous, and once they had started receiving our subscription boxes, they realised they are the easy way for a woman to look her best undressed!

As we reflected on the impact we were having, we have for some time been considering a brand refresh that allows us to better reflect this and would enable us to build on this in the future, whilst ensuring that our Goddesses continue to feel confident and empowered. When we were looking for a new name for our brand, one word kept coming up again and again. That our boxes were such a lovely TREAT! So, Treatly was born with a mission to create confident women and amazing relationships. We want to be the go-to destination for regular curated treats for goddesses, as a gift or a treat for herself. We aim to constantly improve and innovate to make our boxes an even bigger event, so we would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or requests, and of course please reach out if you have any questions about our Lingerie Subscriptions. We hope you will stay with us on this journey and continue to let us make sure you are well treated!

Much love, Team Treatly xx